Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You guys ROCK!

Don't you just love this new catalog??? It appears so! Just a reminder: I have the Gift Certificate Give Away going on! It's as follows:

The FIRST person to go to my Stampin' Up Website on July 1st and place an order ($25 or more before shipping and taxes) will receive a $30 gift certificate to use on their next order.
The FIFTH person to place an order ($25 minimum) on my website will receive a $20 gift certificate.
The TENTH person to place an order ($25 minimum) on my website will receive a $15 gift certificate.
All people who place online orders will have their names placed in "the hat" for a $40 gift certificate! This will be given away on July 31st!

Right now, I can tell you that Cindy Goslar is the winner of the first order prize! Way to go Cindy. The Fifth person is close - I'm just waiting to view my reports from Stampin' Up! to see what the actual time of the orders fell into place, and Tenth place is up for grabs right now. BUT - don't forget that all persons who place on order on my Website the month of July are eligible for a $40 GC!!!! Isn't that awesome????

Okay- besides that grand giveaway - I know that you all have been waiting for round two of my July 1st news! And some of you already know about my news - - NO, NO, I'm not pregnant again! Phew! for that ! At least for the time being! However - after lots of family conversations, I have decided to be a stay at home mom for a while. You see, we had this great, wonderful, day care provider for our kids. In fact, shortly after we started taking Will to her (Lisa), I knew I was in good hands to have another, and it wasn't long and Alex graced our lives. Well, Lisa, you see, baked great loaves of bread, made THEE best Chocolate Chip Cookies (thanks for the recipe Lisa!), and most importantly did a damn good job with our kids. She never kept secrets about what my kids were up to during the day - which I was most grateful for. It was always clear. Anyway - Lisa is moving away. I checked with MANY - as in 18 day care providers in our small town- and only one had an opening. ONE, with AN opening , well maybe, if we could be part time. Well, and if you can afford it. Because - in the end she charged more than I brought home, and then some. Not to mention what it costs to drive to work, eat lunch, blah, blah, blah. So, in the end, I'm going to raise my own children. Which - FYI - is what I've wanted to do all along. It's just now, the decision has been made. I know I'm going to love it. I'm somewhat of a homebody anyway. I love to garden, love to cook, and really love to spend time with my boys. But this also means, I will have much more time to devote to my Stampin' Up! biz. That also means that you can expect more classes, better service and more info from me. Plus LOTS of more ideas on this handy, dandy blog thing I've got going on. I can't wait to tuck my head in and proceed full charge ahead with this. It's so great to know that I've got Stampin' Up! to fall back on and what a great little business to have. I can set my own hours, I can be my own boss, and I can't get fired! What a great opportunity! I'm loving it!

Have I rambled on enough? Well - don't forget - go to my website to place your order - you might be the lucky winner!


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Cyndi G said...

So happy you are getting to experience your dream and be a stay at home mom. Your boys are so lucky! Relax & Enjoy!
And thanks for the G.C. ... I can't wait to spend it!