Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring painting.... and My Digital Studio....

Oh - how I wish I had something really fun and greatly creative to show you.....

But I don't!  

I even spent the entire day yesterday without a child in the house - 8 hours of peace and quiet.

Guess what I did!  

It would have been an ideal day to get all crafty in my room. 

But I didn't.

I painted. 

And painted.

And painted.

Nothing creative, mind you!

You see, we live in a super old house.  Built in 1890.  My father in law was raised here, and I've actually met some of the kids from the family that lived here originally - granted, they aren't kids anymore! 

We have, probably original, woodwork all thru the house.  But it's not drop dead gorgeous woodwork.  I'm sure, cuz, it's a farmhouse, and back in the day, they farmers certainly didn't splurge on things like that.  It's Southern Yellow Pine.  Which I am told is rare around here and you can't find it anymore.  But, it's not a hard wood like you'd want for trim and such.  In fact it's rather soft.


All of the woodwork in our kitchen and entryway had been painted white many moons ago.   And with three little kids running thru the house, it gets pretty grungy and dinged up.  You know, you just can't avoid those things when Mater and Lightning McQueen are racing thru the doorway and Mater spins out and rolls over five times right into the fence......

So, I spent the day, slightly sanding all of it, and putting on two nice fresh coats of white.  It does look so nice and crisp now.  But me, oh, my!  Up and down on a ladder all day - I'm beginning to feel like I'm not a young chick anymore!

I've thought about stripping all of the woodwork.  In fact we tried that in our mudroom (which used to be the milk separator room, then I believe a nursery - just judging from some of the wallpaper that was torn down in that room).  I started stripping the window in that room, and I stripped and stripped.  There were well over seven layers of paint on the window.  I eventually had to take it to a professional to run thru his mega, ultra magic planer.  And he said he didn't want to do any more b/c it was too hard on his planer!  So.  The window was all I stripped.  The rest of the woodwork in that room is.....painted!

Then the hubster came home with the kids, and he decided that was a good time to hang the new blinds I bought for our living room.  Guess what - more up and down on the ladder!  It's all good.  

Crossing those projects off our to-do list.  I still have more painting to do.  Maybe Thursday?  By then my left butt cheek might not be so sore!!!  :)  

But - it's Tuesday.....which means NEW DOWNLOADS!!!!  I had good intentions of creating something in My Digital Studio last night to share here.  But once I hit the couch, I was down!  And hubster had let the laptop battery die.  I certainly was not in any shape at that point to crawl behind the couch to plug it into an outlet!!!

So - I guess, I'll show you the new downloads today!!!

Sequins are all the rage right now - why not add some to your digital projects!!!

Oh - I gotta say - I love this one.  You might be wondering tho what you are going to do with Gray and Gray??  Guess what - this is one is set up to change the colors to match whatever the Bridal colors may be.  But don't just think wedding for this one.....you can easily change this up for lots of occasions!  Just simply change the wording....the colors.....viola!

This download has some really fun for spring designer papers in it!  You can click here to see more of any of these downloads.

While my muscles recoup today, I will hope to craft the day away so I can show you some goodness tomorrow!  Until then folks.....

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