Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stamp Case storage....a makeover!

So....my hubby recently went to a household auction with his buddy.  He bought several gardening items and a grease gun, and tooly type things for his farmer shop.  At the sale, they just threw all of the small goodies into a used, old drawer.  The drawer laid inside the garage for a few days, and I'd notice it everytime that I loaded up Aubrie into the van.  
Finally, one day I asked Andy what he was going to do with that drawer.....his response - "Oh, just put it out in the burn pile."  (remember we live on a large acreage, and in the back pasture, we have a brush pile where we throw all of our branches, and things like this drawer that will burn)  I asked him if I could salvage it for a shelf....and well, yeah, why wouldn't he let me???  I had already tested it to see if my stamp cases would fit in it, and they certainly did!!!

So, he and his buddy spray painted it for me.  I knew that they grease spot on the back wouldn't probably take the paint, and that was quite alright.  I had plans for that part anyway.  Turns out, after they painted and painted, it wouldn't really take paint anywhere - which I was completely fine with - I'm a antique lover - so things that are dinged up a bit, I'm good with!!!

But, next came the hard part - which paper to line the back with???

After some input from friends, I went with the blue pattern.  Since it was going on a red wall, I thought that it would POP a bit more.  Turns out, you won't see much of it anyway!!!

I used some Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets, and the DSP comes from the Afternoon Daydream Simply Scrappin' kit (love this kit!)  I also used some of the stickers in that kit on the divider shelf.  I thought it jazzed it up a bit!
And I must add, those Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets made this task a BREEZE!

Here it is hung and ready to fill!!!

It didn't take me long to fill it - and it still didn't hold all of my stamp collection!  UGH!  I need another drawer!!!

Here's how it works into my craft room - and this is real life - a mess!  Yet, cleaner than normal.....maybe someday I'll have the ultimate craft room!  Maybe.

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Michelle Pepper said...

I love it! It's always so amazing to hear of things salvaged and turned into a work of art - you must be so proud of yourself...I would be if it was me! Thanks so much for sharing.

ps: it's hard to believe no one has commented on this post - this is da bomb!