Friday, April 12, 2013

Zipper Card - a Video Tutorial

So, last week, when I posted about my zipper cards in THIS POST, I had a lot of you ask how I did it.  Well - sometimes it's just easier to SHOW you - so I did!  Watch this video for a quick tutorial:

Wanted to add - I finished up my 3 day cleanse.  I am feeling better at the end of this - maybe because it's over - ha.  It helped me to drink my shakes with a straw - which I discovered probably a little late in the game.  The worst part was the way I felt for part of it.  On Day 3, I felt my blood sugar (I'm assuming) take a nose dive.  I was feeling terribly dizzy.  So, I ate a banana and that seemed to help immensely.  I think I will try and add a shake to my diet a couple of times a week.  But, maybe, more fruit in them, less veggies and I'd like to add some greek yogurt.  I'll keep the flax seed in them too. I figure if I'm getting fruit that way, it's better than none at all.  I did lose some weight - which I'm thrilled about.  However, I'll be curious to find out if that is just water weight, or if I can keep that off, and then hopefully more!!!
I am bummed that I didn't end up with mountains of energy like it claimed to provide.  Oh well....lesson learned.  Doubt I'll do this cleanse again.

Alrighty.....that's it for today peeps!

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Brenda Myers said...

So cool!! Thank you for sharing!!! :)

cardsandacuppa said...

Hey there! I just found your blog and LOVE it! Thanks for the great video tutorial, I will definitely be having a go at this idea, it's fab :-)))
Hugs xxx