Tuesday, April 16, 2013

more Pop Up Posies...just for you!

We are still in need of some sunshine and spring flowers here in Iowa!  I'm serious - I think Mother Nature has flipped her lid!  We have SNOW in the forecast for Thursday!  C'mon - that's April 18th!  We can't have snow on April 18th.  That's just crazy.  It was supposed to be 49 here today - I don't think it even made it into the 40s at all.  It was cold.  Usually about this time of year I can turn the heat off during the day....at this rate, we'll still be heating the house in June.  So much for global warming!  Tis' Iowa.  

I felt the need to once again create some of my own sunshine and flowers!  While I love this card, it just doesn't smell as good as real flowers.  (I've been burning a lilac candle just to mimic what I should be smelling!)

Wondering where the DSP is from?  That would be Epic Day!  Are you sick of me showing you all of this Fabulous DSP yet?  I just love it!  I have not been this head over heels over DSP in quite a while.  But I can't get enough of it - so I hope you don't mind.  I especially like this yellow pattern.  It IS sunshine.

At this time I'd like to Welcome Melissa Nowatzke to my team!  She took advantage of this great special offer.  I'd love to have YOU join my great team of Stamp Us Silly gals!  What questions do you have about being a demo?  Feel free to email me, or leave your question in the comments section!

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