Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm needing some Pop Up Posies!!!

We've had a dark and cloudy, cold and rainy week here in Iowa!  It's gone from a sunny, 75 degree day on Monday to (currently) 32 and dreary.  We've had thuderstorms and lightning, and snow all in the span of 4 days!  Only in Iowa, I tell you!  So, yes!  I could go for some of these brightly colored flowers in real life!!!

I must say, this card was super easy to create - thanks to the Pop Up Posies Kit in the Stampin' Up! Spring Catalog! (say that 5 times real fast! :)  )

I used the Everything Eleanor Stamp Set to create the background - with just Whisper White Ink.  I really like the way that pops against the Crumb Cake card.  To create the green flower, I used the "cupcake liners" from the kit and spritzed them with some homemade spritz using Old Olive.  (just take one of our empty spritz bottles and fill with rubbing alcohol, add 3-4 drops of reinker and shake it up!)  I spritzed a lot! to really get the color to show.  Then to hurry the drying process, I could have used my heat gun, but didn't - I set it on the legs of my chair right by the space heater that was warming me up!  (did I mention it's been cold and dreary here???)  That worked like a charm!  I was warm and the flowers were dry.  Then I snipped petals into it and scrunched a bunch.

I used our Basic Rhinestones and colored them with a turquoise Sharpie Marker.  Added a lot to the card and voila!  Easy Peasy!

Now - I don't think I've mentioned that I've been doing the Dr. Oz 3 day cleanse.  I'm on the last day.  I'm thankful it is the last day.  While the shakes that you make aren't horrible, I'm a bit tired of drinking my food. Why did I start the cleanse?  For a multitude of reasons.  This is a detox cleanse - suppose to rid you of toxins and such, renew your energy, and clean our your system.  I may be ridding my body of toxins.  But I have not had a renewed sense of energy at all.  Some have said that their mind was clear after the cleanse - I can't say that's the case for me either!! Maybe cuz my mind is so far gone.....who knows!!!  :)  And so far, it has not "cleaned me out" at all.
My bestie and I are doing this cleanse together.  She's decided that she can't drink the noon drink anymore.  It's got Kale, cucumbers, green apple, celery, lime, and pineapple.  Which doesn't sound all that bad - on their own.  I think the kale overpowers the whole thing.  I might just leave that out today.
We've both decided the breakfast drink is the best - raspberries, banana, flax, spinach and almond butter.  I forgot the almond butter the first day and think the drink is better without the butter.
Supper is blueberries, kale, mango, avocado, coconut water and cayenne pepper.  It's okay. But not my fave.
I was ready to throw in the towel early today, and just eat some real food.  But then I got on the scale.  I have lost 4 pounds in two days.  So, that's my motivation to stick out this last day.
In the end, what I think this "cleanse" has taught me is that I just need to eat more fruit.  I rarely eat fruit - because I'm too picky.  I really like strawberries.  But if I see a bad spot on them, I'm grossed out.  Apples.  Yeah, I like apples, just can't stand the skin.  Too chewy.  Bananas - love them, but they better not have a brown speck on them!!!
It's also taught me that I'm not cut out to be a vegetarian.  I'm looking forward to a juicy hamburger - but just half of one!!!  And my morning breakfast - one egg and a slice of toast!  So missing that.  I'm looking forward to Friday more than I have in years!!!  I'm a protein and carb loving gal.

Alright - enough rambling....time to go stamp!!!
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