Thursday, April 18, 2013

Natural Composition, add your own sunshine!

Oh my Dear Lord!!!  Would someone PLEASE! send me some sunshine!!!!  And warmer temps too.  It is seriously April 18th.  33 degrees, raining, possibly sleeting.  UGH!  It's making me slightly grouchy.  Well.  Don't ask my husband about that at all.  He's replace 'slightly' with 'overly'.  

On a good note - one day this week when is was a whopping 45 out, we finally managed to get the potatoes in the ground.  Alex (he's the 5 year old, and farming intern) was having a hay day.  I told him that we were going to go out and plant some things in the garden.  Before I could get my shoes and jacket on, he already had two holes dug for the spuds to go into!  So....if it doesn't ever get any warmer, we might at least have some potatoes....maybe!

Alright....let's talk about today's card!

I won't kid you - this is one that I CASED (copy and share everything) off of Pinterest.  mmmm.  I love Pinterest.  It's my new Google!  If you know me by now tho, you know when I CASE, I still try and change SOMETHING up.  That being said - I didn't change much on this card.  I lowered the banner to the center of the card.  The original one had the banner running across the top of the card.  


To create this, I just took some of the Natural Compositions Specialty paper (special b/c it's already embossed!) and wiped my Whisper White ink pad across the cardstock.  I was going for a smudgy, messy look.  In some areas, I wiped the ink back off to show the embossing underneath (emboss resist).
I think this really helps soften up this paper, b/c otherwise I consider the paper to be slighty earthy and a titch masculine.  

I also heat embossed the sentiment with Pewter Embossing Powder.  I think it helped it stand out a bunch.  

I am a bit smitten over this color combination!  It lends a chipper, sunny attitude to the card.  Did I mention I could use some sunshine???  

Okey doke.....that's it for today folks!  Hope you have a SUNNY filled day!!!  

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