Saturday, November 5, 2011

Scrap Club page

Hiya!  Guess what?  Today I'm sharing a scrapbook page.  Yeah.  You heard me.  A scrapbook page!  I know, I know.  I don't usually post these.  Primarily b/c they are hard for me to photograph; as you'll see in the poorly produced photos below.  But also because I rarely put pics on my pages.  That reason....b/c I rarely print my pics!!!  They sit stuck on my computer for.ev.ah!  It'll be my goal in 2012.  I really kinda like the pages I come up with, I just need to add some pictures to them.  Here's the deal - I typically only scrapbook (if you'll call it that) when I need to come up with pages for my Scrapbook Club.  Seriously.  And you know what.  When I'm done with those pages, I'm usually really proud of the outcome.  So, it's not that I don't like to scrap, it's just that I'm not terribly comfortable with it.  Isn't that funny.  I can create a card in a jiffy.  I may not always love the results, but I feel like I'm not out a lot.  When I create a scrap page, I feel like I better do the process justice or I've wasted a ton - of paper, of time, etc.  Yet, I'm usually really happy with my end result.  So, I just need to do it more.'s one of the pages we created at Scrapbook Club in Sept.

 Again - so for the poorly photographed page.  It's hard to get my lighting right on these bigger pages.  Hopefully you get the jist tho.

I LOVE these leaves.  Simply die cut with Leaves #2, inked with the Woodgrain stamp and then crumple the $%!& out of them.  They turn out lifelike everytime.

What do you think?  Love it.  Just so-so???  I'd really like to know.  Please comment....Puh-lease!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Last day Christmas Stamp A Stack options + details!

Okie Dokie ---  Here are the last two cards in Round One of my Christmas Stamp A Stack.

Card #7 - Snowflakes of Noel

 Another clean card, but with lots of texture.  I like how the houndstooth texture works to warm up the card - like a scarf, or a sweater (what I wouldn't do for a cable knit embossing folder!) 
 The snowflakes are edged in glitter to add some pizzazz. 

Don't they just sparkle beautifully???  We had a touch of snow the other day.....ALMOST wish it would have stuck around...ALMOST! 

Card #8 - From Our House to Yours

 Alright - first off.....I couldn't help it.  I pulled out a retired set for this card.  It's one of my fave sets, and it just worked so perfectly with this card.  So, sorry - but I HAD to do it.  So, that being said, many of you have asked for a card that can include family photos.  This is it! 
 Here is the card completely closed - it's got a lip there, and is a tri-fold card.
 Here's what you see when you open the first flap.  I went over the top of the flourishes with some Smooch - they aren't blurry, it just didn't photograph well.
 Here it is partially opened.  Again, the glimmer in the smooch is just reflecting oddly.
And fully opened.  Here you have three spots where you can attach photos.  Don't have that many photos - not a problem, I'll show you how to fill in the blanks!!  That's the joy of having ME as your teacher and guide!

So there you have it  - the first round of cards for the 2011 Christmas Card Stamp A Stack.  Now the nitty gritty!

Of these eight cards, you pick the cards you'd like to make.  I cut you 10 of that card and put them in a "stack" for you to stamp and assemble!  It's a great and quick way to get cards made - I'll do half of the work for you!!!  In the time allotted, you can complete 2 "stacks" and some of you could easily complete 3 stacks.  You will work at your own pace, these cards will be set up in stations.  Can't decide?  Split a stack with a friend! 

When: November 19th; 9am - 1pm
Where: Denison Municipal Utilities Bldg, Broadway and 7th St
Fee: $20/stack - all supplies are included - you just bring your adhesive!

Can't make the class?  Not a problem, I will do all the same as above, and mail you the unassembled supplies.  The fee is the same, plus the cost of shipping.
Please register and prepay by November 12th.  You can call me (712-269-2714) or email me ( thearkfelds at fmctc dot com ) with your options.  Let me know if you have questions!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3 - Christmas Stamp A Stack options...

SO.....I'm back again....see!  Have faith in me....I can blog!  I really can!  It's all about taking photos of my work and getting them on this computer.  That's the key.  Take the pics. I can tye during commercials of Revenge (my new fav show btw!)

Task at hand.....Christmas Stamp A Stack  Day 3.  Here are two more cards that you can make if your heart desires. 

Card #5 - Sparkly Ornament

Of the cards in my line up - this one is probably about the easiest to assemble.  The colors are a little on the modern side, but I think that makes this one a little bit quirky.  and bright.  In fact, I'm kinda smitten with this card! 
 When laying closed, it shows off more of the scalloped edging, and the use of three different greens.  I like that monotone look with the punch of color.  and the glitter, and one single rhinstone.  It just says "Ka-chow"! 

Card #6 - Skating on Ice!

When I asked Will, who is five, what he thought about this card, he said that it looks like the skaters are cold!  It does have a wintery look, that's for sure!  This card involves some heat embossing and sponging  - the emboss resist technique.  One of my favorites!  It's like magic. 
I think the strip of glitter sets this card off.  It really needs that bit of glitz. 

Alright - I'll be back tomorrow with the last two cards in the offering for Round One Christmas Stamp A Stack.  I'll have all of the details for you as well.  Round Two will shortly follow.  It will include these cards plus 6 completely new cards!  Stay tuned for deets!!!

See ya all tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Stamp-A-Stack options...

Heidi Ho!  I told you I'd be back...

I'm popping in with some more card options for my Christmas Card Stamp-A-Stack, so let's jump right in shall we?

Card #3 - Dashing Dasher

 This card is a bit masculine, a bit lodgey (newly found word) and yet has some shine to it too.  See that quilted ribbon!  Bee-U-ti-Ful!  This is probably my favorite card that I've got in the line up so far.  (Granted - I'm still waiting for stamp sets to show up in the mail....I have things up my sleeve....but I may have to have Round 2 of the Christmas Stamp-A-Stack just so my ideas get put to use if those stamps don't show up SOON!)
 Ol' Dasher is quite dashing when done up with Cherry Cobbler Embossing powder.  I have a thing for heat embossing this year!  I'm just warnin' ya!  This one too is quite easy to put together, and is so striking in person!

Card #4 - Musical Stockings

I'm going to throw this out there right away - this card might be a bit trying for some of you!  :)  First off, the music notes are done with a wheel.  I know how some of you feel about that!  The polka dots are stamped multiple times, so require some lining up - but that's not all that difficult - for real!  Threading the jingle bells might actually be the hardest part about this card!!  But they are so worth it....cuz - hello - they are so stinkin' cute!
Anyway - it's not  a terribly hard card - but just requires some patience! 

So, there you have it - the next two cards in the line-up.  I'm still waiting to here what you'd like to see in a Christmas Card.  What are you thinking of these designs??  What would you change?  Please leave me a comment or two - I really need some input here folks!!  It's simple - just click that comment tab below!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello Friends!  I know, it's been awhile.  I know, I know, I know!!!  I've been a bad blogger - and I'm terribly sorry for that.  It's just life.  Life gets in the way sometimes and unfortunately it's the blog that takes a back seat.  So....let's get after it, shall we? 

I've been working feverishly on some Christmas Cards for my annual Christmas Stamp A Stack.  This is where I need YOUR help.  I honestly need to know what you think of these cards.  I have been feeling as tho I'm in a creative slump, and it seems like no matter what I come up with they just aren't screaming - THIS IS IT! at me!  So, please tell me what you think of my first couple of creations.....

Card #1 - Christmas News

This card might have a clean and simple look to it, but the inside holds a whole lot more.  Many times I'm asked to create a Christmas Card that can accomodate a newsletter.  Well, I actually spotted this card on Kristina Werner's blog a year ago, and held it in my memory bank for this year.  I've transformed it to a Stampin' Up! card, and I'm okay with the final product.  And it's definitely mass producable.  The sentiment is heat embossed with White EP, and the rest is a matter of folding and adhering paper.  Pretty quick and simple.

Card #2 - Peaceful Dove

This card again is pretty clean.  And, also very easily mass produced. The image is heat embossed with some faint accents of watercoloring.  There is nothing difficult about this card at all.

On this last pic, you can see a little better that this card is on Shimmery White Cardstock.  Oh, it adds sooooo much to a card. 

Alright - these cards will be in my Christmas Stamp A Stack lineup.  This event will be held on November 19th at 9am - 1pm.  You will have plenty of time to complete 2 "stacks".  I will be posting more details shortly.  I will also continue to post more cards this week ( I have about 15 cards done) and would like feedback on them.   So, your turn.  Leave me a comment about what you like, what you'd change, what you don't like.  And please, be very honest.  I can handle constructive critisism - I'm not afraid!!!  I'd also like to hear what YOU'D like to see in a Christmas Card. 

Thanks all!