Saturday, November 5, 2011

Scrap Club page

Hiya!  Guess what?  Today I'm sharing a scrapbook page.  Yeah.  You heard me.  A scrapbook page!  I know, I know.  I don't usually post these.  Primarily b/c they are hard for me to photograph; as you'll see in the poorly produced photos below.  But also because I rarely put pics on my pages.  That reason....b/c I rarely print my pics!!!  They sit stuck on my computer for.ev.ah!  It'll be my goal in 2012.  I really kinda like the pages I come up with, I just need to add some pictures to them.  Here's the deal - I typically only scrapbook (if you'll call it that) when I need to come up with pages for my Scrapbook Club.  Seriously.  And you know what.  When I'm done with those pages, I'm usually really proud of the outcome.  So, it's not that I don't like to scrap, it's just that I'm not terribly comfortable with it.  Isn't that funny.  I can create a card in a jiffy.  I may not always love the results, but I feel like I'm not out a lot.  When I create a scrap page, I feel like I better do the process justice or I've wasted a ton - of paper, of time, etc.  Yet, I'm usually really happy with my end result.  So, I just need to do it more.'s one of the pages we created at Scrapbook Club in Sept.

 Again - so for the poorly photographed page.  It's hard to get my lighting right on these bigger pages.  Hopefully you get the jist tho.

I LOVE these leaves.  Simply die cut with Leaves #2, inked with the Woodgrain stamp and then crumple the $%!& out of them.  They turn out lifelike everytime.

What do you think?  Love it.  Just so-so???  I'd really like to know.  Please comment....Puh-lease!

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Cyndi G said...

Cute pages Jen! I'm thinking the pics you've posted on FB of the kids playing in the leaves would be really cute on this page.