Monday, March 5, 2012

Makeover Monday...Week 9!

Good morning everyone!  I'm back today with a Makeover Monday Card.  I've had a makeover type of weekend....I'll get to that after I show you my card.  This weeks sample card comes from.....can you guess? Yep....Dawn McVey!  Am I infatuated with her?  Yeah - probably just a bit!  Here's the card of hers that I picked this week:

Pretty simple, clean, etc.  Right?  And pretty easy to redo:

Sharp - huh?  I used the Apothecary Art set, stamped in Stazon on Rose Red then used a little bleach in my aqua painter to bleach out the flowers a bit.  This was perfect!  What do you think?  I'd like to know.  

So, do you wanna hear about my makeover?  Well, a couple of months ago we had our cabinets refaced.  From the old painted white, to a nice cherry cabinet.  We've been waiting for a not-so-busy weekend to do the countertop.  A friend of mine had used Giani Granite ( ) to paint her countertop.  We decided that was the route we were going to take too.  Our counter was in pretty good shape, and it's long, so has to have a seam no matter what kind of new countertop we would have gotten.  The paint would cover the seam.  We did have a "chunk" of the end cap that had come loose, and that was fixable and disguisable with this system too.  It all worked in our favor - especially the price range!  We filled in the damaged end cap with some wood filler, sanded it smooth and removed all of the caulk along the backsplash and got to work.  This was an amazing transformation.  I can't wait to show pictures with you!  First I need to figure out something for the wall above the backsplash and below the cabinets tho.  Once I finish that I'll take some after pics.  Here's a completely before picture for now tho,,,,bleh!