Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paper Players #115 - Tic Tac Toe!

We've got a great tic tac toe challenge at The Paper Players this week.  I honestly had a hard time picking which one I was going to do - I even contemplated the tougher than tough diagonal choice of Christmas, Wedding, Birthday.  But I stuck with the middle vertical row this week.  I was actually needing to make so gift bags for The Artisan for Applefest, so went with a gift bag.  I'd already done up some kinda matchy cards, so this just followed suit.

I was quite surprised at how fast this went together.  The most time consuming part was the chevron stamping at the bottom.  I used the arrow border from Border Banter.

Pewter embossing powder - swoon!  I just love the look it gives here.  So classic and elegant.  

Why don't you go check out what the other fabulous designers came up with and then be sure to play along!  I'll be watching for something that uses the tricky diagonal challenge!!!  

The Paper Players Design Team

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Paper Players #114 - Gettin' Sketchy!

No, I don't really want it to snow....yet.  Give me 2 months and I'll tell you otherwise.  However, yesterday when I was sitting at Will's soccer game, I was pretty sure it was cold enough to snow.  It left me chilled for most of the day and I was thrilled when I could throw on my "snuggly pants" and a long sleeved t and a sweatshirt!!!  I do love this time of year when I can hunker down in my comfy clothes.  Ahh...
The real reason for my "Let it Snow" card - it's Paper Player time!  This week Ann has drawn up a delightful sketch:

From the moment I saw the sketch I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it - turn it on it's side!

I've been coloring several of these images while waiting for soccer practice, so had them colored up but not sure what to do with them yet.  So when I saw Ann's sketch...I knew this image would fit perfectly in there.  Now, that being doesn't mean that this card came together very fast for me.  I would have thought that since I came in with a plan, and since my image was already colored, it would have been a 10 minute card. Nope. No-sir-ee.  This card took me!  I knew what dsp (from Festival of Prints) I wanted. But wasn't sure what to do for the strips.  I searched thru my stashes and this ribbon from last Christmas season spoke to me.  Then, I wanted to set the sled image off - and decided that I wanted some little scallops behind it - so I started punching with my dotted ribbon scallop punch and realize that it's pretty well worn out.  I won't punch anymore in the center of the punch.  But one edge punches wonderfully.  So.  Because I am the way I am...I just kept using that one end of the punch until I got it.  Yeah....a little frustrating.  But I did it.  (have I ever described myself as determined?) Don't worry - I threw the punch away and ordered myself a new one.  It's been so overworked between classes, clubs and workshops, I knew it was plain worn out.  I tried many times to sharpen and lubricate it with aluminum and wax paper....

So, after spending way too much time punching enough to go around the image panel, I came to the conclusion that it would not be a good idea to try this technique around the DSP as I initially planned. I went with a simple and plain mat.

The rest went together pretty good.  Although, I wish I'd picked a bigger snowflake. ( I used the retired Northern Flurry Strip Die.)  I used a two way glue pen and Dazzling Diamonds to glitter that little guy up.  It just doesn't show up as much as I'd planned.  However, I'm quite please with the results in the end.

Now - go see what the rest of the talented design team came up with - but don't forget to play along with The Paper Players this week!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Getting gifty...

Let me warn ya all right now...I'm working on things to put in a local store for a large celebration - you may see somethings (possibly a lot of things) that are non-SU!  I've got some things that are in my stash and need to put them to work and get my money back out of them.  And ya know - sometimes it's just refreshing to work with things that you don't HAVE to!  Somedays I just need to give myself permission to break out those other goodies.  Somedays I need to tell myself that it's okay to post those projects here on the blog.  After all - you're really here for inspiration - right???

For this project, I simply stamped a lunch sack with evergreens and pinecones.  Added a paper doily - I did use a little tea stain distressing ink on it so it's not so white.  Added the die cut tag and "merry"....  the whole thing was pretty quick and simple.  I made 10 - I'll bundle them in groups of 5 to sell.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It doesn't happen too often!

.....I don't know how often I'll get the opportunity to make a 90th birthday card for someone.  This one happened to be for my husband's grandfather.  He turned 90 on Saturday!

I wanted to create a card that was no only masculine but bright and cheerful also.  I think I've pulled that off well here.  While the pattern in the blue DSP is floral, it reminds me of a men's tie, and is quite striking against the woodgrain texture.
What do you think?  Success?  Let me know in the comments section.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Have a Rosey Christmas!

Oh - don't you just love when you can create a Christmas card with a slightly non-traditional color?  While creating this card, I often recalled when my Grandma sported a silver Christmas tree in her living room.  And some very cool mercury glass ornaments in bright colors.  Who knew that it would make a come back and be a bit trendy?  

The ornie was done with silver embossing powder and then I went back over it with a Rose Red marker.  Love the look that was achieved.

Alrighty - I'd really like to stay and chat, but I've got to tend to this splitting headache that has been plaguing me all day!  UGH!  Even after a good dose of motrin....and I don't typically get headaches - so that makes it worse. So  - ta. ta. for now!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Paper Players Challenge #113

Good morning peeps!  Are you feeling fall in the air?  We have been and I love it!  I love when I can shut that air conditioner off, and throw open the windows, and when I'm sleeping that cool air makes me snuggle in my bed a little tighter!  The fall air is just so crisp and refreshing - a much needed break from our HOT and humid summer.

With fall among us, I wanted to do a fun fall card for our Banner-rific week at The Paper Players.  At first I was going to do an actual banner that spelled out fall.  Then, after a little more brainstorming, I was going to do a leaf banner.  Except all of my leafy dies were too big.  So, I noticed this little acorn in the Autumn Accents Die - and thought to myself - I'll go out on a limb.....and the idea was with me and it stuck.

I knew I was going to have to break out some non-SU supplies to pull this one off.  But you know what - they are kinda going to waste in my stash of stuff.....  And....this little stash of non-SU stuff just went so perfectly, I couldn't resist.  Initially I was going to use some green alpha stickers - but noticed the blue grid lines running thru the letters and thought I'd work with that a bit more.  So glad I made that choice.  The green would have been blah - and I like how the turquoisey blue really adds some zing.

Thought I needed to repeat that blue a little more so added some more with the buttons.  Had I not already tied the knots in the twine and glued those down, I would have added the buttons up in the corners of the twine....oh's all good in the end.

Oh course, while I'm making this card.... I was thinking of all kinds of "nut" sentiments that could be used.  Wish I could make stamps up in a jiffy....I'd rather use stamps for sentiments than the computer, just because I can place them on my card where I want.  Anyway - more fun sentiments - "OH NUTS! I forgot your birthday!", "Nut'ings better than a day spent with you" - well and there are a couple I probably shouldn't mention here.....but it does make me chuckle....(insert dirty thoughts !)

Anyway....on that note - you better just go on and see what the rest of the clever design team has come up with!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I'm setting here tonight listening to the rain outside and the thunder....It's music to my ears!  We are in dire need of rain around here. dear farmer hubby says it could have waited one more month.  He's in the middle of harvest and I think he'd rather just get it done.  They are a month ahead of I say - Let it Rain!!

I've been a little sparse on my posts lately, and I apologize for that.  I think quite a while ago I told you all that I hadn't been feeling well, was quite fatigued - and that's just not like me.  Well, I finally had enough one day when I got really dizzy making lunch for the kids and immediately made an appt to see my doc.  I think we have things all figured out now and I'm thrilled to say that I'm feeling much better!  I'm one of those that doesn't like to feel sick and I certainly don't like feeling tired, so it was really worrying me.  I almost thought I was pregnant - but knew that was virtually impossible...So....anywhooooo.....I now feel like making things and sharing too!  Yay for you!  :)

Onward and upward....this is today's card:

I stamped one of the images from Many Medallions on the card base itself and then on a scrap of Crumb Cake, which I then die cut, lined up and adhered.  I stamped and punched the Triple Treat(?) flower, added that and then added the smallest image from Many Medallions....lots and lots of layering going on here....  All in all I really like the results - am thinking I could have used a strip of glitter or something along the Crumb Cake strip at the bottom of the card.  What do you think???

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Paper Player Color Challenge!

Good day everyone!  This week we've got a great color challenge over at The Paper Players!  And you know, I don't usually LOVE color challenges, but this one worked up so easily for me!  You really should play along!!!

I put the ornaments to work this time and wanted to give them a vintagey feel.  Remember those old ornaments where the centers were inset and a lot of times there were brightly colored???  I was hoping to achieve that effect a bit by popping up the large portion of the ornament and die cutting out the center.  It worked a bit!

I also used the new silver pen to add dots of shimmer!  It was very easy to do - and very mess free!  Bonus for me.  And, what you may not notice in these photos - the card doesn't open in your usual manner.  Check it out!

Be sure to check out what the other fabulous designers came up with this week and don't forget to play along yourself!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tricks for Treats Class

Witches and Goblins and Spooks - OH MY!!!  Let's send them on their way with the trickiest of treats!  In this class, you'll construct three different styles of treat boxes - and you'll create 2 each!.  These will be great for school parties, neighbor kids, grandkids, etc.  Plus, you'll have plenty of time to go home and create more for every one you can think of.  All supplies are included. Bring your scissors and your favorite adhesive and sticky strip.
Fee: $20 - Stamp Club members deduct $5 from fee.
Wednesday, Sept. 12th - Denison Municipal Utilitiels - 5:30pm - must register by Monday, Sept. 10th
Wednesday, Sept. 19th - Artisan Studio, Woodbine - 6:30 pm - must register by Monday, Sept. 17th
Thursday, Sept. 27th - Artisan Studio, Woodbine - 6:30pm - must register by Monday, Sept. 24th

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Paper Players Theme Challenge #111

Good day everyone!  Hope you are all having a great Labor Day weekend.  To me, this is the official end of summer and beginning of fall.  Fall and Spring - they are my favorite seasons.  But just wait, once Winter enters the scene, I'll probably make the same statement about Winter!  It's a good thing that I live in Iowa where we have 4 seasons!
So, today the Paper Players are paying tribute to Fall - creating items with leaves and trees.  I hadn't inked up this new leaf set yet, so thought I'd give it a little play time.  I've been creating journals for an upcoming craft fair, and thought I'd make one for this challenge too.  

I added the burlap flower for a little more rustic flair and stamped the leaves onto some First Edition DSP.  I really like the look of the oak leaf the best of these.  I just think the woodgrain texture helps add to the fall flair.

And those stamps above are non-SU - but they worked perfectly, so I just went with it.

I have to tell you briefly about a wedding that we worked at last night.  (We had to work in the bar on behalf of the church)  A bunch of my friends had gone on Friday night to take peek at the decorations, they said I was going to love it.  So, I walked in yesterday afternoon to work, and wow!!!  Our hall is the old Catholic School Gymnasium.  It's quite large, but dated of course, because it's like a gazillion years old.  The bleachers are folded up and tucked up under the balcony - so they are a large blob of brown.  Well, last night they were covered up with old chenille bedspreads, and then they had a banner of old aprons strung across them - so vintagey cute!  The tables were decorated with mismatched linens, china and a lot of the glasses were canning jars!  SWOON!  The bridal party table had mismatched wooden chairs, a really cute, but old chandelier hung over their table from the basketball hoop.  One corner had a bunch of vintage chairs with a coat rack filled with the most adorable old hats and a trunk full of them too - and grandma style eyeglasses!  They were over there taking tons of pictures. Then when the wedding party walked in, they twirled thru the tables to the tune of "At Last" by Etta James.  Oh, it gave me chills!  It was such a fun retro wedding.....was great fun to have to work at it!

Now it's time to go and see what the rest of the amazing design team came up with!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

More Tie-Dye...

Howdy folks!  Just wanted to show you one of the other tie-dye techniques that my Stamp Club members learned this past month.  This one was so cool - I just smiled bigger and bigger each time I did it!  I felt like a kid at a science fair or something.

For this one, we took some shaving cream and spread it out over a cookie sheet.  Than dropped re-inker drops  (Pool Party, Bermuda Bay [retired] and Lucky Limeade) randomly across the shaving cream.  Next, I took the end of a paint brush and swirled it around, pressed my Whisper White cardstock on the shaving cream and just kept pressing the paper into the shaving cream until it was well covered.  Then, I lifted the paper out of the shaving cream and wiped the excess off.  Voila!  Designer paper!  The really fun part is what happens when you keep re-using your shaving cream.  You get a softer version like you see above.  Pretty nifty - eh???

Alrighty - sorry, but I gotta run.  Have to work at a church function this afternoon!!!  Ta-ta!