Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Have a Rosey Christmas!

Oh - don't you just love when you can create a Christmas card with a slightly non-traditional color?  While creating this card, I often recalled when my Grandma sported a silver Christmas tree in her living room.  And some very cool mercury glass ornaments in bright colors.  Who knew that it would make a come back and be a bit trendy?  

The ornie was done with silver embossing powder and then I went back over it with a Rose Red marker.  Love the look that was achieved.

Alrighty - I'd really like to stay and chat, but I've got to tend to this splitting headache that has been plaguing me all day!  UGH!  Even after a good dose of motrin....and I don't typically get headaches - so that makes it worse. So  - ta. ta. for now!

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Anne Marie Hile said...

Very pretty, Jen! Love the rose with the silver. It really makes for a gorgeous holiday color combo. Hope you feel better! :)