Thursday, September 20, 2012

Getting gifty...

Let me warn ya all right now...I'm working on things to put in a local store for a large celebration - you may see somethings (possibly a lot of things) that are non-SU!  I've got some things that are in my stash and need to put them to work and get my money back out of them.  And ya know - sometimes it's just refreshing to work with things that you don't HAVE to!  Somedays I just need to give myself permission to break out those other goodies.  Somedays I need to tell myself that it's okay to post those projects here on the blog.  After all - you're really here for inspiration - right???

For this project, I simply stamped a lunch sack with evergreens and pinecones.  Added a paper doily - I did use a little tea stain distressing ink on it so it's not so white.  Added the die cut tag and "merry"....  the whole thing was pretty quick and simple.  I made 10 - I'll bundle them in groups of 5 to sell.

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LeAnne said...

SO sweet (and nice to see some "gypsy" products being used, I am right there with you!)!! What a beautiful, rustic bag you've created.