Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I'm setting here tonight listening to the rain outside and the thunder....It's music to my ears!  We are in dire need of rain around here. dear farmer hubby says it could have waited one more month.  He's in the middle of harvest and I think he'd rather just get it done.  They are a month ahead of I say - Let it Rain!!

I've been a little sparse on my posts lately, and I apologize for that.  I think quite a while ago I told you all that I hadn't been feeling well, was quite fatigued - and that's just not like me.  Well, I finally had enough one day when I got really dizzy making lunch for the kids and immediately made an appt to see my doc.  I think we have things all figured out now and I'm thrilled to say that I'm feeling much better!  I'm one of those that doesn't like to feel sick and I certainly don't like feeling tired, so it was really worrying me.  I almost thought I was pregnant - but knew that was virtually impossible...So....anywhooooo.....I now feel like making things and sharing too!  Yay for you!  :)

Onward and upward....this is today's card:

I stamped one of the images from Many Medallions on the card base itself and then on a scrap of Crumb Cake, which I then die cut, lined up and adhered.  I stamped and punched the Triple Treat(?) flower, added that and then added the smallest image from Many Medallions....lots and lots of layering going on here....  All in all I really like the results - am thinking I could have used a strip of glitter or something along the Crumb Cake strip at the bottom of the card.  What do you think???

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