Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Flurry of Wishes...

It's been a week.  One week.  And a half....  One and a half weeks.  Yep - since these three had their first day back to school.  Aubrie is now in Kindergarten (Alex is in 2nd and Will in 4th).  ALL. DAY. LONG!  While I miss her, and the boys too, (but secretly sometimes her the most - she is my lover girl!) I did rejoice the day they went back to school.  The argueing and boredom was driving me crazy - and a little bit into a depression.  For real peeps!  It happens every August.  For the past SEVERAL years!  I'm finally coming to terms with it....  I get fatigued and lazy.  I get unmotivated and grumpy.  I become this ugly person that I don't like.  I usually gain a bunch of weight in August too - I don't gain at the Holidays - I gain in August.  Like 10+ pounds.  Yep - in a month! It's the August FUNK!
It's taken me a week and a half to snap out of it!  I feel lucky for that - I know for some it's MUCH worse and longer.  
September 1st happened.

It's time for me to bust loose and find ME again!  In my quiet house!!!  Without any interruptions.  (except for the occasional facebook/pinterest spurt....ok mainly pinterest....but it's creative research, right?)

So, I'm declaring that I'm back.  My routine is about to feel like an actual routine. (I love routine btw!)  I do my type from home job in the morning.  I go for a good 3-4 mile walk. Oh.  Who am I kidding....I can't walk 4 miles - yet!  But I did walk for 3 miles today (in a new time record) and then came home, and caught my breath over a good dose of Pinterest!  Then a 20 second plank.  Yeah - I thought it, too - 20 seconds - that's cake walk....not so!  I was about to cave at 15!  I think I'm up for the 30 day Plank challenge tho!  Told my Prince Farming that Operation Skinny Momma is underway!  
Speaking of Prince Farming....I really need a new name for him....cuz in all actuality, he's not a Prince.  I love him dearly....but he's much too sarcastic and mouthy to be a Prince.  He's more of a Shrek. But in a much more handsome way....MUCH MORE HANDSOME!  OMG - he IS Shrek - oh wait....maybe he's Donkey....OMG - I'll stick with Prince Farming for now and paint a much more romantic picture of him in your heads from here on out.  

Alrighty - you've had enough of my's onto today's creation:

This card is pretty quick and simple.  It was one of the swap cards I did for Incentive Trip Achievers in a recent swap.  It's quite a bit of punching and heat embossing...but I love some good ol' heat embossing!  I like the fact that it's clean and simple, yet quite classy at the same time.

This uses all new product from the new Holiday Catalog - if you don't have a catalog yet - be sure to let me know - I'll get one sent out to you right away.  It's fabulous....and full of inspiration!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Holiday Catalog Kickoff !!!

Happy September 1st!  Today is the kick off of the new Holiday Catalog from Stampin' Up!  I will admit right here and right now that it's probably one of my all time faves!  There are SO many wonderful product in there....if you don't have a demonstrator, and don't have a catalog, please be sure to contact me and I'll get one out to you right away.

Let's chat about today's card.  It features the Cozy Christmas Set and I just love it.  I've got lots of ideas up my sleeve that I plan to share with all of you!  Today, I paired up this set with the new Sleigh Ride Edgelits.  I did a little color blending at the top of the card to create a really subtle ombre effect.  There appears to be a glow coming from behind the cottage and trees and I love that look. (video tutorial on this coming soon!)

 I used the new fine tip glue pen to apply some Dazzling Diamonds to the trees and rooftop.  The edgelit has the same glitter applied using a two way glue pen (because I wanted a wider strip of glitter).

This is one of my favorite cards that I've created so far from the new catalog.  I'd love to hear your thoughts! Just leave a comment below by clicking the Comment icon below.

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