Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What I've been up to...

I have been BUSY!  To say the least!  Seems like one rollercoaster ride after another these days.  As soon as I feel like things are non-chaotic, they blow up again.  I know we all feel that way, especially this time of year.  I thought the holiday season would be much calmer when I made the move to stay home with the kids a couple of years ago....but really, they aren't! 

Anyway...let's move on.  One of the projects I had to tackle a couple of weeks ago was for a photographer in a nearby town.  She wanted me to "play" with a couple of her pictures and make some cards out of them.  I fell in love with this winter scene  from the town of Woodbine, IA - where she resides.  In these parts Woodbine in known for it's brick main street.  Well, and cowboys and camo too.  The photographer is working to open up Artisan Studio in Woodbine.  It's a co-op of sorts for artists and such.  I will start teaching classes there once a month starting at the end of January.  And I'm super excited about the opportunity!!! 

So, back to this picture.  She had an pre-open house event at the beginning of December and wanted as many cards with this picture as I could do.  The bad part about that was, we met on a Tuesday afternoon, and I had a craft fair coming up on Saturday that I really needed all of my free time for to create for that.  BUT, I pushed that aside and told myself that I would take ONE DAY to create as many cards as I could.  These are three of the 8 designs I did.  Guess how many cards I can make in one day???  (without going bonkers?)  41.  That's right 41 cards in less than 24 hours, using 8 different designs (which were all very similar to each other)  That first one above, I made 20 of it.  I knew because I incorporated 'from Woodbine, IA' on it, it would be a mover and a shaker.

 This one was very popular too.  I simply die cut the holiday from sticky pages and stuck it on the project and glittered it up.  Oh - I did outline the word before I peeled the red liner off and glittered.  It needed that.  Otherwise it was far too blah!
This one I heat embossed the "be still" in Cherry Cobbler EP and die cut the Peace from the Silver glimmer paper. Very striking in person.

So, this was one project that kept me busy for - will a mere 24 hours.

Now, I need to go and design my class for her.

FYI - for those that are local - the photographer is Bracinda Blum.  You can contact her at bracindablum@gmail.com if you would like.  Her Artisan Studio is set to open Jan. 1.  I can't wait~!~!

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Tami said...

Those cards and photos are so cool! Really stunning and I love the fact that the photo is local. I wish that's what my street looked like!