Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello Friends!  I know, it's been awhile.  I know, I know, I know!!!  I've been a bad blogger - and I'm terribly sorry for that.  It's just life.  Life gets in the way sometimes and unfortunately it's the blog that takes a back seat.  So....let's get after it, shall we? 

I've been working feverishly on some Christmas Cards for my annual Christmas Stamp A Stack.  This is where I need YOUR help.  I honestly need to know what you think of these cards.  I have been feeling as tho I'm in a creative slump, and it seems like no matter what I come up with they just aren't screaming - THIS IS IT! at me!  So, please tell me what you think of my first couple of creations.....

Card #1 - Christmas News

This card might have a clean and simple look to it, but the inside holds a whole lot more.  Many times I'm asked to create a Christmas Card that can accomodate a newsletter.  Well, I actually spotted this card on Kristina Werner's blog a year ago, and held it in my memory bank for this year.  I've transformed it to a Stampin' Up! card, and I'm okay with the final product.  And it's definitely mass producable.  The sentiment is heat embossed with White EP, and the rest is a matter of folding and adhering paper.  Pretty quick and simple.

Card #2 - Peaceful Dove

This card again is pretty clean.  And, also very easily mass produced. The image is heat embossed with some faint accents of watercoloring.  There is nothing difficult about this card at all.

On this last pic, you can see a little better that this card is on Shimmery White Cardstock.  Oh, it adds sooooo much to a card. 

Alright - these cards will be in my Christmas Stamp A Stack lineup.  This event will be held on November 19th at 9am - 1pm.  You will have plenty of time to complete 2 "stacks".  I will be posting more details shortly.  I will also continue to post more cards this week ( I have about 15 cards done) and would like feedback on them.   So, your turn.  Leave me a comment about what you like, what you'd change, what you don't like.  And please, be very honest.  I can handle constructive critisism - I'm not afraid!!!  I'd also like to hear what YOU'D like to see in a Christmas Card. 

Thanks all!

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