Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Lil' Aubrie Mae....

She turned THREE yesterday!  Yep - 3!  And that's a milestone year - it's the year Grandma and "the Aunts" take my kiddos to Build-A-Bear for their birthdays.  I wasn't sure how my little pumpkin would do, but from these pictures that my sister took, I think it was an exciting day for her.

Giving "Kitty Kat" a bath....

She's dressed in her fairy outfit and is already loved!  It says something that she's had to sleep with "Kitty Kat" since she came home.  She normally sleeps with a pig that she got for Christmas, and the first night, pig had to sleep on her dresser, not with her.  I had to assure her that there was room in bed for both her favorite animals!

She's my Sweetie Pie! 

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