Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hey there friend.....it's an Epic Day!

Hey there!  I think I've finally found some MoJo again.  After our house was sick for. evah.  I couldn't get back into the swing of it.  I'd sit in my craft room and just stare at my stamps.  Nothing would click at all.  I was feeling like the mojo was really really lost.  We all have streaks like that, right?  Oh, I hope I'm not the only one.  

Sometimes I find that it helps to create, just for the sake of creating.  Not because I HAVE to.  Not because I have a class that needs to be planned.  Not because I have a card that needs made for someone specific.  Just to create because I love to.  And that's where this card came from - outta nowhere!

This uses some really basic pieces.  Stamps from the My Paper Pumpkin Welcome Kit.  The Washi Tape!!! is Epic Day This and That kit.  And, the hexagon stickers - Epic Day This and That!  Let me just tell you - I'm a bit smitten with everything in that bundle.  Oh, yeah - there's a bundle.  But you better hustle and jump on it - it's 15% off, only until April 30th.  Sure.  You can buy the pieces separately  but I don't know why you'd want to.  In fact, I bought an extra kit for a little gal that's a friend of our family.  She's about to turn 12 and I think this kit is the perfect birthday present for a tween!  And a teen.  Heck, it's even perfect for someone that's not quite 40 yet!!!

I love how those hexagon stickers fit perfectly in the Honeycomb embossed details.  I only wish there was an entire sheet of hexie stickers!

So, when I looked back at my card, I set a stray scrap of doily on it, and really liked the look.  Well, I wasn't going to take the card apart to place the doily on it....just as well make another one.....

I'm not sure which one I like better.  I think I like the doily on there best.  It kind of softens up the grungy look.  Which one do you like best?

 I had to cut these hexies by hand - those stickers were MUCH easier!

Okey doke - I must hit the hay - we've got thunderstorms rolling in, and there isn't anything better than listening to a spring storm while falling asleep!!!  Just wish we had spring temps to go along with the storms.  Instead they are telling us there is a chance of S>N>O>W tomorrow.  Really.  ICK!  I'm ready for 75 now.

But - please be sure to tell me which card you like the best.  Doily or no doily????

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Brenda Myers said...

Hi Jen!! Love the cards!! The non-doily one would be perfect for a guy card (or anyone). The doily dresses it up a bit for the girls. :)

How did you get the folder to emboss like that?????????

Cyndi G said...

Yep, I like the doily on there. It gives it that 'little something.'

Josie Cox said...

I sure know what you mean about the cough, crud whatever you call it and the loss of mojo. I go to the craft room and then lose whatever energy. Glad to see your mojo is back and waiting for mine to come back soon.
Hugs, Josie

Michelle said...

I really like the one without the doily - such a great card - very eye catching. I would also like to know how you did sections of the EF - cool effect!

Twila said...

Jen, I have to say that I love these cards and have pinned them to my pinterest board. Hope that's ok? THanks for sharing.