Saturday, November 10, 2012

On the 9th day of Christmas...

....I'm needing more coffee!!!  Don't we all feel like that somedays?  More coffee, puh-lease!  At about the 9th day of Christmas, I'm wishing the Lazy Days of Summer were back.  Things get chaotic, my house is in shambles, and I'm starting to feel worn down.  By the 9th day of Christmas, I'm beginning to contemplate my Christmas Vacation for the next year.  The one where me and the hubs pack up the kids and travel to some remote cabin in the woods.  Where we can just veg, play board games and read books by the crackling fire. Ahh....a Norman Rockwell Christmas!  And then I wake up and realize that's never gonna happen.

So, how about giving your co-worker the gift of mocha, or java, or any little beverage packet this will fit inside this lil' envelope?  That would be sure to mocha MY day!

This is quite a "whip it up quick" kind of gift - think under 10 minutes!  If you'd like the template, feel free to email me, and I'll get it out to you!



Craftncorry said...

What a great card idea, thanks for sharing :)

Dawn Easton said...

Jen, this is awesome! I don't think I've seen it anywhere before!!! Perfect for those little packs! I'd love to get the template. Will try to remember to email you soon! Thanks for sharing!