Saturday, November 3, 2012

On the 3rd day of Christmas.... true love gave to me....????  You'd be surprised what you can fit into this little box.  It might be small in size, but it'll pack a big punch.  Especially when it's decorated up this cute!

This starts off as a simple kraft box, but creating an adorable belly band turns it into something with pizzazz.  Here's a few pointers:

The box is large enough that you can't quite get a strip of 12x12 paper wrapped around it.

Here's a solution:

Die cut a shape and spread glue on just two edges (Tombow glue, of course!)  You want to do this so that the glue doesn't get onto the box at all, just the patterned paper.  And you don't want glue in that little area where the paper doesn't meet.

Adhere the die cut shape and then embellish!

I added some Cherry Cobbler tulle and a punched image from Tags til Christmas.  You could easily get even more fancy, but I just wanted something simple.  See how the band will now slide off of the box.  I really like  that when you remove the belly band, the inside is still nice looking.

What would you tuck into this cute little box?  Let me know your thoughts - I love your comments!

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Dawn Easton said...

That tulle on there is FANTASTIC! Definitely adds a punch!