Monday, November 5, 2012

On the 5th day of Christmas....

....Jars are all the rage right - why not include them in your giftable collection??  Wouldn't you love to receive a gift in this adorable jar??  I know I would.  And let me tell you - these are super simple to create.

I started by picking a couple of sheets of coordinating patterned paper.  I wrapped one around the jar itself. Then I die cut a doily (or you could use a paper doily found in the crafts/cake department)  I used this as the base for my lolly.  (that's the pleated circle thingy)  Added a punched circle on top of that, then tied some ribbon up with one of Stampin' Up's faceted buttons and linen thread. Glue, glue, glue!  Hot glue works the best, although you could use....Tombow.

Glue it to the front of your jar and then package up something special.  Candy, earrings, a necklace...

...or some coordinating clothespin magnets!  These are also super to craft.  Just use strips of scrap paper and glue them onto the fronts.  Add some adornments - like the buttons here.  Adhere a strip of magnet to the back and you've got a great little gift!  

You can order the supplies from my website -  Just click on the SHOP NOW button in the upper right corner!

See you tomorrow!

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Dawn Easton said...

hmmm now you have me wondering if I have any jars on my alterables shelf downstairs! LOL! Love the clothespins too!