Friday, November 30, 2012

Gift card tins!

Last week I received my copy of the NEW Spring Catalog from Stampin' Up!  It's to die for.  I was especially taken by a project on the cover of the catalog, and drew inspiration from it to create this gift card tin:

I really like to create these tins, as they can be used over and over and over!  I feel like this one is a bit out of my style's got a lotta stuff on it!  Not my typical clean and simple version.  Guess what tho.....I like it!  I just kept adding bits and pieces until I could say....okay.  Stop.  But I even decked out the inside:

I listed this over on my Etsy Shop if you are interested.  I'm trying to get more things listed over keep watching!

Check back tomorrow for a new Stamp of the Month Kit!

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