Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My favorite flowers!

For many years, I have drooled over the beauty of a good hydrangea. Blue ones to be specific! They were the flowers that I chose for our wedding, and to this day I still love the classic look of hydrangea. I've even planted a bush in our flower bed, it struggles. It's on the south east corner of our house, in the shade, because I'm told they like shade. Although I don't know that it really matters, sun or shade. Anyway, it gets pretty beat up by our south winds here on top of our hill. When the weatherman says it's gonna be a bit breezy, we batten down the hatches, cuz that means very WINDY up on our hill. We've started a windbreak to the south, which is a little sad, because we have an awesome view to the south....but what do you do? If we ever want to enjoy it outside in the spring, we need to block some wind!
So, when I saw this card in the new 2010-2011 Idea Book and Catalog - I had to have it. It's a Level One Hostess set, so contact me to book a workshop and you can have your own beeee-uu-tee-ful hydrangea stamp. That really cool DSP - yeah, that's new too. Newsprint - and I'm in love with it! I used it on yesterday's card (still waiting to see if any of you caught onto my subliminal message -or picture - in that card). Just think starting TOMORROW (tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you're only a day away) you too can order from the uber awesome new catty!!!
Back to the card - I stamped it on Crumb Cake (Kraft) and colored it with watercolor crayons. It gives it a nice soft feel against that bold vintagey newsprint. I Like it!

Alright - off to finish wedding programs and thank yous....

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