Saturday, June 19, 2010

Christmas in July - err - J:ne!

....hello? anybody there.....oh, yeh - there you are! Why, hello! Sorry for my absence. Summer is in full swing here, and it's anything but lazy summer days! If I'm not chasing two little boys, or picking up after them, or feeding them, I'm nursing the littlest one! And I'll tell you what - she's got Mama wrapped around her finger! How could you not be?

Look at this cutie!

She's been having a bit of a growth spurt here lately, wants to nurse every hour during the day and every two at night....makes for one tired mom! I manage tho, and just thank the Lord that I've got healthy children, and I feel so blessed that I'm able to stay at home with them while they are growing. They may aggrevate me, but darn it, I love them so!

And, in between round the clock feedings, I did work on some stuff for publication here lately. I can show you what didn't get accepted:

Yep, that's right - a Christmas card! Do you know how hard it is to create a Christmas card in June? Publications work about 6 months in advance, so hence the snow dude. This call was for cards that were stitched and incorporated fabric.

I wanted to go for a warm, homespun look on the card, and feel that I acheived that. I hadn't ever stitched on a card before, so had to play with my tension a bit to get it right. It had been a while since I've sewed - last Halloween - but it is like riding a bike! The stitching on this card is really hap-hazard. On purpose. I. Like. It.

I was smitten for these mittens in this fabric! I just used some Jolly Packs of fabric that I had on hand.

Alrighty - I must be off....I made a Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake that needs to be finished up, and I also made some Key Lime Cupcakes that need frosted! It's Andy's birthday today - hence the double cake day! I was dying to try the Key Lime Cupcakes, and since Reese's PB Cups are one of his favorites, I had to make that wonder I can't get this baby weight to disappear! ~UGH~

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