Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm sure you thought that I've forgotten about all of you right? Well, not in the least! It was a crazy weekend (thankfully a long one!) and I actually did not to one bit of stamping until tonight! Although, I did spend my Saturday making invitations with my Aunt Judy and Cousin Ashley - for Ashley's upcoming wedding. Yet, that still didn't involve stamping!!! So, I was more than happy to sit at my craft table tonight and actually create something! Here's what I did:
This is a little "different" for me -and I really like it! I actually had one person in mind when I made this card. My sister Megan. She's 15 and just decided to give up her horse, Doc, for several reasons - mostly tho because he was hard for her to handle. I need to tell you the story of how Megan and Doc came to be. Megan has always wanted a horse, for as long as I can remember. She would write it on her Christmas list year after year. She saved her money, and saved her money and SAVED her money! About 5 years ago, the father of one of Megan's friends was in a bad car accident. The school that Megan goes to had a fundraiser for the family. Megan was quite young at the time, and asked my parents to give some money. Which they did - they sent their money back to school with Megan in an envelope. That night Megan asked my mom how much money they gave. Not to miss the important learning opportunity, my mom explained to her that it didn't matter how much was given, just the fact that giving something within your means was what mattered. End of story?....Well, the next night my mom received a phone call from the wife of the man injured. Apparently, Megan had also given some money - all of her "horse money". The couple knew that it was too much, and realized that it was probably her horse money (everyone knew Megan wanted a horse!). My mom told the gal that they couldn't give Megan the money back, because Megan wouldn't understand. Well, long story short, a friend of the injured man happened to have a pony that they didn't neccessarily want/need. They offered to "pay it forward" to Megan. She was ecstatic! She named him Doc. Her and Doc have seen some interesting times. Doc has been known to throw her off, and she has been injured, but never seriously. What I really want to express tho, is what an outstanding young lady Megan is. She's always looking out for others, doing good deeds. And she's only 15! I hope that someday she writes a book - she's got a lot to tell. (she's even graced the stage of Jay Leno!) I can only imagine what she will do in years to come. And with Doc, she has done what she knew was best for Doc. He needed someone that had more time to work with him. Someone that was stronger to control him. She knew that he needed more that she could offer right now. So, she took it upon herself to call the person who gave her Doc, and asked if they would take him back. I know it was a terribly hard decision for her to make. Yet, she made the right decision. She's just that kind of person - always looking out for others. She's a great gal. So, if you ever run into Megan Mitchell from Western Iowa - you best get to know her or you'll miss out on the opportunity to have a great friend in the world!
I love you Megan!

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