Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ICE, ice, baby....

If you want exciting weather - just move to Iowa!!! I tell you what, this winter has been something else. It seems like every other week we've had something brewing up. Today - ICE - and a lot of it! I'm just thankful we only lost power for a few hours (knocking on wood!). One of the towns near us reported an inch of ice, and I really wouldn't doubt it. It's really something when you step outside and can hear tree limbs falling all around you. And yes, I did venture outside briefly today. Couldn't do much as I couldn't get traction to get far, and I didn't want Andy to have to come and lift the budda belly up off the ground! That was his warning as I walked out - DO NOT FALL! But, you guys are learning, I'm a nature lover, and after watching Mama Cardinal try and get to this:

....I knew I needed to come to the rescue. They couldn't get to the feeder at all. I witnessed a Blue Jay trying to peck thru the ice to get to the suet, and he wasn't strong enough either. So, I went out and broke the ice off for them to gain access. Unfortunately, as I type this, the feeder looks much the same. And, I watched Mama Cardinal again try and feed, but she couldn't get her feet on the perch because it was too icy. Poor things. While I was out there, I took a few pics of my yard. Well, I think I have a yard - I know the trees aren't having a fun day:
We've got a lot of clean up work ahead of us. And be aware - I took these photos this morning - it's now 5:30pm, things are much worse!!! The pics just don't do justice.

Okay - so, while Andy and Will headed out to check on the cows this afternoon, and Alex was napping, I did have a chance to stamp! Here's my card following the CPS Sketch 150:

I added a teeny, tiny bit of glitter to shine things up a little:

I KNOW - not a full force sparkling card from me - huh???? The ice has gotten to me! This card uses the new Sale-A-Bration set Happy Moments, and the super fun and funky designs from the Sweet Pea Paper Pack (my favorite bargain of the year!!!) I think this card would really brighten someone's birthday! If you want to earn the Happy Moments set, you just need to place a $50 order thru me or my website, and it's yours!!!
That's all for today peeps....


Natty said...

Wow those photos are amazing, that is quite an example of icicles!
Love the card, so cute!

JulieG said...

Just tried out the Nestabilities today your card and love the ones I made...glad you introduced me to the BigShot, John's new favorite "toy"!!!