Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Heart's All a Flutter!!!

Alrighty - the mad recycler that I am....I had these really cute jars that I saved (after cleaning out the refrigerator when we lost power during the last blizzard). I thought they would be really cute with some candies in them for Valentine's and here's what I came up with.
I decorated the lid using Real Red Satin Ribbon. This stuff is awesome to work with. I'm not sure I love the way I did the ribbon here - almost wish I would have just broke out the sewing machine and stitched it into a I have another idea tho (secret, secret - I have more jars!). I tacked it to the lid using sticky strip, then cut a piece of pattern paper (from the Sending Love DSP) using the circle cutter, and attached that to the lid. Added my sentiment - viola - lid done. It's the most important part after all.
Then I stamped the hugs & kisses in Real Red on Very Vanilla. I colored in parts of the image with my Pretty in Pink marker, and the dots with the Real Red Marker. Then I glittered to my hearts content. I thought that was fitting with the very glittery DSP.

There's an close-up for you.

I cut one of the flowers out of the DSP, and tacked it onto the other side. The opposite sides then have hearts punched out using the Heart to Heart punch. Other than the ribbon, I really like it. Now, it just needs to be filled with some Hershey's Hugs and Kisses and it'll be perfect. (Unbelievably, I couldn't find any *ANY* Valentine's candy in our local Wal-Mart - usually they start putting that out before Christmas is even over. Maybe I need to send Cupid their way??)
Let me know whatcha think....


Lauren said...

What a great idea, love it!

Julie G said...

So cute! OK, now I gotta get my butt in gear since I am stuck home (hopefully with electricity all day!) and do a little scrapbooking!