Friday, January 8, 2010

Poppy Love

that's right - POPPY love. Not puppy love. I've been seeing these little flowers all over, and I love them. I need to perfect them quite a bit, but still, I really like them.
And, well, my ric rak is a little off proportion wise, but it's what I had....I'm on the hunt for something new there.....
Here's a detail shot. Don't be suprised to see more of these from me - I just think they are adorable. And my mother in-law really likes poppies too, so I need to dream up a card for her upcoming birthday!

So, other than being snowed in, or really drifted in - I've been stamping like mad, and have lots of new things to show you! I'll warn you tho - Cupid is still in my pocket, and I don't think he's going anywhere for a while. I haven't been this into Valentine's ever - wonder what's gotten into me? Maybe it's all of those pregnancy hormones...I just don't know. And, maybe I'm making up for those first 12 weeks when I just couldn't do ANYTHING!
Well, peeps - I'll be back with more for you to drool over.....

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