Saturday, January 9, 2010

Money may not grow on trees....

....but hearts do! Before I get too far into this post, my son Will, who is almost 4, insisted that I put some of his creations on my blog. He usually wakes up from his nap and goes straight for my scrap drawer. I let him take whatever he wants and he goes to his table and cuts and glues and cuts and glues. He's always very proud of what he comes up with and of course I give him a ton of praise to help boost his ego. So, today he created the little top note Valentine on the left below. On the right is a gingerbread man that he made a couple of days ago and it just had to be in the photo too. He's a creative guy in the making....he didn't fall far from the tree!
And...then I have to show you the pheasants that are still coming around. Still 4 of them, and they are happy as can be because Andy is still out feeding them.
In this picture below, you have to notice the platform birdfeeder behind the pheasants - that stands about 5 feet high from the ground - it appears that about 3 foot of it is covered up by snow. If you look beyond that feeder, you can see that the drifts just keep going up and up from there. We think (but haven't gone out to confirm) those drifts reach a peak of about 12 ft from the ground. I can't wait until Sunday and Monday when it's warmer - I'm gonna be out taking some photos of our awesome drifts.
Oh, and where those pheasants are standing - somewhere under there are some Blue Spruce trees....
Okay, on with the show! Here's creativity in progress:
If you notice over on the right side of my blog, I've opened an Etsy Shop!!!! You can click over there to get there or go to: For those of you not familiar with Etsy, it's a website that sells only handcrafted and vintage items. You can find all sorts of great things over there, and I think it's great to support crafters - handmade is so much better than mass produced......
Here's the finished product:

Cute - huh.....and see hearts DO grow on trees! For those of you that are in the Denison, IA area, these will also be for sale at Splurge! in uptown Denison - across from the courthouse.

Here's a detail shot:

And here's the same card, I just swapped out the DSP.
And a detail shot of that one:

FYI - I love the new Satin Ribbon - it is just SO easy to work with. Oh, and those clear mount stamps - phew....they are lifesavers! I just don't see much for wood mounted stamps in my future....poor things!
Okay - time to go. Enjoy your day - the sun will come out tomorrow, and it'll be about 50 degrees warmer!!! (that is really something - huh?? )

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JulieG said...

Love Will's cards...tell him good job from me! Love the Valentine's day simple yet so cute! Can't wait to try the new stamps!