Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Digital madness!

Remember the other day I was talking about how great the My Digital Studio new downloads were - I think it was more the just the other day - probably about a week ago. Well - the above is an example of some cuteness that you can easily create. (FYI - I tried to enlarge this pic and it just gets more pixelated so if anyone can tell the girly how to overcome that I would be ever so grateful!) You can click on the pic to enlarge. Do you remember how I was talking about the super trendy, so cool Delightful Digital Tape? Yeah - that's how I colored her dress in. Almost a watercolor look to it! Super!
Gonna keep this short and sweet - it's late (for me) and I gotta get up super early so Aubrie and Alex and I can head to "the city" to do some marathon shopping and be back to pick up Will at school at noon! Please say a prayer for me. It could get interesting!
I may be back with a tib bit of exciting news tho on Wednesday....stay tuned!

Card uses Sweet Serendade Stamp Brush and Sweet Details paper.

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