Tuesday, April 12, 2011


As my 5 year old would say....missed me, missed me, now ya gotta kiss me! I'm sorry if I've left you hanging for a while here! I've been over my head in "stuff". Andy and I decided to do some remodeling work to our kitchen, so I've been on a ladder, painting, and hanging up bead board. Plus, my sweet little girlie decided to grow up on me, and turn ONE!!! Here are the invites we sent out: While all of the paper is SU - I didn't do a lick of stamping on this one! It's all been cut with my Silhouette. Every bit of it! How great is that? I love that I can design everything on the computer, and have it cut 15 of them for me in no time! And have a look at the adorable little one year old:
She's smitten with her rock star jeans that she got from her grandparents!

And this is what we got her:
A Happy Songs Coupe. Look at her singing a long right off the bat! I hope she'll pay more attention to where she's driving once she turns 16!
Here she is loving on her homemade card from her Grandma M. I love that she is fond of homemade cards like her momma! I'll need to teach her to handle them a little more gently!

And ....drumroll, please! Here is the cake that I freehanded!

That's all I got for you tonight! I won't even promise that I'll make it back tomorrow .......

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