Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oh Happy Day! w/ Oh! Hello!

Howdy folks!  I've got a super quick post today for you....this Momma needs to go to bed, seems as if round 352 of sickness is striking our house.  Would someone please let Mother Nature know that it was officially Spring 6 days ago, and it's time to deliver the weather that accompanies it.  I need to open my windows and air out this home before it needs to be quarantined!

Alex just spent a week on the couch with a horrible chest cold.  That is amazing for him.  He doesn't usually sit still if we'd pay him in brownies. Will spent one of those days home from school with the same thing. The week before that, Aubrie was sick for two days.  I've been under the weather for the past 3 days myself, and tonight, low and behold, Alex starts to complain about his ear.  I look at it - and sure enough, it's draining.  It's like a vicious cycle around here.  We are typically a darn healthy house.....not lately.

So, today....I've created my own sunshine.  I also decided that I need a lot of it:

Can you see how I skipped the Stamp-a-ma-jig and went a slightly easier route?  It's all about mass production here.  But, as I created this, it dawned on me that this stamp set is awesome for scrapbooking!

Okey doke - sorry to cut this short.....I better get some zzz's cuz I have a feeling I won't be getting much sleep tonight......
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Kitty A. said...

Darling card! Had to check out how you accomplished it, and this is such a great idea. TFS!