Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ahh, coffee!!!

Have I ever told you how much I love my morning coffee? Yeh - well, I do! With flavored creamer and sugar! My flavor this month is Vanilla Caramel. Mmmmm, so yummy! I drink coffee every day, regardless of how hot it is outside. I've gotta have my fix. Even when I was pregnant, had to have it....except for a few icky weeks, I couldn't stomach it. But I did switch to half caff, just so I didn't over stimulate the little missy inside! And I still drink half caff while nursing, although occasionally I drink the fully leaded stuff for a little splurge. It doesn't seem to effect her or me....

So, when I saw this adorable set in the new catalog - Morning Cup, it went immediately on my wish list. And one of the perks of being a Stampin' Up! demo - I was able to pick 4 free stamp sets due to my sales during Sale-A-Bration. So, this set was free. I love that!!!

Here, I used my markers and watercolor paper to give it some life-like shadows, etc. This is really simple, and I usually just pull some color off of my marker with a blender pen and then start where I want the darkest color, and gradually pull the color out into the light areas - where the sun or light would be hitting it. This is my favorite coloring tech.

Once again - I ruffled up the ribbon. This proved to be a bit more difficult this time, as I had to cut a piece of sticky strip in half the long way......challenging. And this fine ribbon didn't want to ruffle as well as say the satin ribbon does. Still, it worked (I made sure of that!) and I love the look to it!

So, what about you - what's your morning vice? Coffee, tea, soda......My hubbie has a Pepsi first thing every morning - blech!!!


BCG said...

GREAT card and fabulous coloring!!

Found you through SC

Nanci said...

Wonderful coloring! I love the ribbon! I'm following you from SC. Hope you'll join me too!