Friday, March 13, 2015

Make your Own Thickers....(Dimensional Letters)

If you've been around the scrapbooking/stamping world awhile, chances are you've stumbled upon Thickers in your day.

If you haven't been around - Thickers are dimensional letters that are stickers - they are thick.....thick+sticker= Thickers.

But, why not create your own?  It's super easy, and probably less expensive than those Thickers.  

1) Grab some card stock - any color!
2) You'll want some adhesive sheets - I happen to prefer Transfer Adhesive Sheets
3) You'll want fun foam!  Yep - that stuff that your kids use to create things with.  (there is a link to a source below)
4) Take your card stock, slap on an adhesive sheet, attach that now sticky card stock to the fun foam.
5) Grab your favorite die and cut out whatever your heart desires!
6) Adhere to project - I prefer Tombow Mono Multi Liquid's strong....super strong.  
7) You're done.....Admire your work!

Look at the dimension you get!  I love it!  

In case you need more instruction - here's a video I did a while ago:

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Cyndi G said...

Love the idea of doing this with the letters! Still looking for your link ...

Unknown said...

It's there now Cyndi G!!!