Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Technical Tuesday....

OMGoodness - did you check out the new MDS releases today????  They are awesome!  That On the Go Kit - perfect for me and my two little boys....but great for so much else too.  The papers in the Eggceptional Easter Templates - check out those cute little jelly beans!  HELLO!!!  how fun is THAT???  I'm a little partial to the zig-zag pattern...what's that called??? I'm at a loss here this morning....is it herringbone???  I dunno....anyway.  Ummmm...the adorable Wedding Wheels - I'm printing that puppy as we speak, err type....  Lastly, the baby announcememts - seriously - how easy?  My heart is racing....Let me go do something adorable with that wedding stamp and I'll be back to show ya later!  Nothing like keeping you on the edge of your seat right???

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