Monday, February 6, 2012

Makeover Monday, Week 5

Good Morning Stampers!  So sorry for my recent absence...I was doing so darn good....and then the ol' Tax Man needed some of my undivided attention for a few days.  After I was done with my taxes, I cleaned my stamp room and rearranged some tables around too.  I had been using one of those white banquet tables - you know the ones that aren't as heavy as their older wooden counterparts.  Well, I was noticing that I wouldn't always get a nice clean stamped image because the table had too much "give" to it???  Not sure if that was why, but I opted to move one of the old wooden style tables over to work on.  MUCH BETTER!  I was using that table for my Big Shot, Silhouette, and Sewing area, so I really rearranged the whole was a two day project, and I still have some work to do in there.  Like a never ending project.  Next is the closet in that room.  It's full of fabric and things from my sewing days and isn't real useful at this I need to clean and purge! UGH!

Anyway....I hope that I'll have a lot more to show you this week.  Let's start with this week's Makeover Monday card!  This weeks card comes to you from Kristina Werner .  Her blog was probably one of the first that I started to follow when I was just starting to stamp.  I like her style, and the way she thinks outside of the box.  She used to be a designer at Stampin' Up! and I love some of the stamp sets she designed.  Here is her card:

And here is my take on her card:

This one was pretty easy to recreate - and you could do this yourself too!  I used the Varsity Alphabet for the large X's and O's, Empire Alpha for the smaller letters.  The rest of the images come from P.S. I Love You, found in the Occasions Mini.  I did opt for the larger sentiment just because I thought the {XO}llent image went perfectly with the theme of the card! 

Hope you like today's stamp something!

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