Friday, September 9, 2011

This is WHY I do what I do....

Once in a while, someone will ask me why I am involved with Stampin' Up!.  There are multiple reasons, but mainly, it's because of them.  Those 3 sweet little faces. 

I started Stampin' Up! almost 5 years ago when Will wasn't quite one.  I really wanted to scrapbook all of his cute little memories.  You see, I've always been a creative person.  It's something I have to have in my life.  Before Will was born, I was doing a lot of sewing and painted crafts - think snowman, painted signs, etc.  Once he came along I packed all of it up and put it in the closet.  Then I became miserable.  Just ask my husband.  One day, I flipped my lid and blew up.  I closed myself in my craft room and made some curtains that day.  It fulfilled me.  It gave me some self worth, a sense of accomplishment.  It wasn't long after that that I took a card class at the local junior college with a then  co-worker. Let me tell you, in a matter of minutes, my bucket was filled!  Not long after that I was invited to a Stampin' Up! workshop.  Wow!  There were all of these really great things in a catalog - and those items could be delivered to my door.  We didn't have a scrapbook shop in our town, and the stores that did happen to sell scrapping supplies had dated items that weren't of great quality.   It took me a month - I did some research, discovered some blogs, and was hooked.  I called the demonstrator and signed up.  I wanted those high quality products at a discount.  At the time I was working full time, but knew I really wanted to be home with Will.  I was missing so much of him growing up while I was at work.  So, with a bit of work, I continued to grow my business, and today, I'm lucky enough to be able to stay home with those 3 cuties!

With a little more work, I'm going to earn a trip for my husband and me to:

That's Fiji folks!  It's gorgeous - and Stampin' Up! wants to send us there - FREE!!!  Seriously!   Want to come with me???  It's possible -  and I'm really not exaggerating.  This is a trip that is easily accomplished with some work.  I can guide you and show you how to get there.  You just need to make that first step - CONTACT ME! 


Cyndi G said...
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Cyndi G said...

Absolutely adorable pic of your 3 little angels!