Monday, September 5, 2011

Bling this!

We all love a little bling in our lives, right?  It makes us feel special, and a little bit least I think so!  I always have a little more self confidence when I've got something sparkly on.  Lately you see TONS of cute colored blingy things to add to our paper crafts.  A lot of times those come in huge packages and I think, "Golly, will I really ever use that many purple rhinestones?"  (if you know me - I would not use many PURPLE rhinestones at all - right Cindy???)  Once in a while you'll stumble upon a package that doesn't have enough of a particular color.  I am here to solve your problems today peeps!  Grab your package of ol' plain Jane rhinestones or pearls.  We're gonna rock their world in one quick, painless little step!  You just need to introduce those gems to their new BFF:

The Sharpie Marker!

You can get Sharpie's in a multitude of colors.  I even saw they now have metallic ones!  Take you marker and color right over the top of your gem.....and you'll end up with something like this:

Or this: (which is blurry due to camera operator shakes...)

Pretty stinkin' cute - huh!!!  Just let them dry - it only takes a few seconds....and place them on your project.  FYI - I use my Paper Snips to place them; it helps to be sure I get that little bit of glue to stay attached to the gem.

Whatcha're already looking for those long lost Sharpie Markers aren't you????

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Cyndi G said...

Love this idea ... never too many of a certain color and always enough! :)