Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wish Big {top}

Howdy folks. I don't have a lot for you tonight, 'cept for this Paper Crafts reject! Going for a circus theme, this as about all I could come up with....I cut the big top with my Silhouette. This one really made me realize just how much I love that machine. Isn't that tent adorable?
We had the stomach flu hit our house once again! Seriously. I just had it last week, and last night it was Will's turn, again. I'm going to recommend that his Pre-K teacher disinfect their room over Spring Break! We usually don't have this much flu go thru our house. Luckily, it's mainly been Will and I. Andy, Alex and Aubrie all have done darn well. Maybe Will and I should change our names to something that begins with an 'A'.
Other highlights....had the tornado sirens going off today. The funny thing about this, we are suppose to get snow on Friday and Saturday. That's the joys of living in Iowa - snow and tornadoes in the same week.
Okay people, this momma is TIRED! See ya later!

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Julie G said...

that is adorable!!! Love the big top!