Friday, March 4, 2011

{on the mend}

Hey folks - just a quick post tonight. Here's a card I did for Karen's Sweet Sunday Sketch - and hmmmm. Get this - I'm a week late. Yeah - not suprised? Me either. That's why I don't play with sketch or color challenges very often. By the time I get the card done, photographed, uploaded and blogged. I'm a day late and a dollar short. I don't know why my days have been so out of whack - since about Christmas. I can't get on a decent schedule at all. Seems like something always interrupts my best laid plans. Must be that addition of the third child. I love her to death, and constantly tell her that God knew what he was doing when he brought her to us. With that being said, she is a Mama's girl, and she knows that her Mama is a SUCKER! As long as she keeps defending herself to her big brother (Alex) we may end up okay!

Oh, hey - you wanted to see my card right? And that's why you came here. And I said this was going to be a quick post. So, before I fall asleep typing (it's been known to happen) is my card close up.

I had to hand write that on there, which I'm not terribly fond of, but it worked. I need more sentiments for this set. Leave me a comment and let me know what sentiments YOU would use with this set.

That's all for today folks.....

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