Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blissful Chocolate!

Anyone else tired of the FLU???? We've had a fairly germ free household ever since I made the move to stay at home. But this last month has been a struggle! Will is once again sick with a flu of some sort. He was complaining yesterday morning right away, and (now I feel guilty) I didn't believe that he was sick. He ate breakfast and lunch just fine and didn't have a fever or anything. Just complained that his head hurt. I did give him a Junior Motrin for his headache. He did take a morning nap, and that's not like him, so I was beginning to believe him. Mid afternoon his fever showed up. I thought I'd let it go for a bit to see if he could fight it off himself. By 7pm when the fever hadn't broke, I decided it was time for liquid Motrin. Bad idea. That came back up about 5 minutes later. He then fell asleep for the remainder of the night - well until about midnight anyway. Then we were up and down with the poor guy all night. He ran a fever all night and thru this morning. I finally decided we'd try Motrin again - this time the chewable stuff. Thankfully it stayed down, but the little dude is just not himself still. I'm ready for spring so I can open this house up and shu these germs right outta this house! Doesn't make me feel any better when I kind of feel the symptoms of the crud settling in my system again - I JUST got over this stuff!

Alright, say goodbye to the flu and onto better things folks.....

You guys remember that I had a Girls Night Out event last weekend. Well, it's about time I show you the little treat holder that we made!

Isn't this adorable? I made it out of two tags from the Two Tags die. FYI - totally not my idea - I snagged this us from the adorable Kimberly Van Diepen. She's got a great video that shows you how to make this. Granted, I did design my own. Her's was a fall style treat holder. You'll have to search You Tube for the video - or her blog. She has several brilliant ideas, besides the fact that she is as cute as can be!!!

On my sample, I used a little Smooch on the tag. We didn't do this at the event, too time consuming. In fact - I was doing make and takes from 3:30 to 9:30 and still didn't get thru everyone! Granted, the last group was a little winded, and well, wined too! But that made it a blast! Sometimes a good "Ink and Drink" is in order!

We wrapped 6 nuggets and tucked them in here. Too cha-cha for words and yummy too. This is a great way to use up some scraps.

Here is another that I saw a demo on. I liked it, but opted for the other version.

This one held three nuggets, but somehow those have disappeared!!! That happens around here.

Well, now I'm off to Sioux City for another girly event. A couple of scrapbooking stores have sponsored a crop for the weekend, so I'm headed over there to do some make and takes and hopefully meet some great new friends!
Before I go - just out of curiousity - does anyone have some great tips for the Smooch Spritz? I really like the stuff, but am finding it hard to control. I know that it's suppose to be a spritz, and isn't meant to be perfect. But, all of my spritzers have gotten clogged - I have to lift the sprayer between each spray in order to get it to "go" again. And when I shake up my Log Cabin spray, it wants to leak out of the sprayer portion. Then when I take the lid off, the lid is full of ink. It's a little frustrating to me. Anyone have good advice for this stuff?
That's it folks.....til next time.

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