Monday, October 18, 2010

My Digital Monday!

Hello! Gosh, I almost forgot to post this today! I feel like it's been a whirlwind morning! I've got a babe that is overly clingy today (anyone have any tips on how to fix this?) She won't take a bottle for me, for her dad, for grandma or anyone!, she cries the second I leave the room, and doesn't like to be left anywhere. Don't get me wrong - I love her to pieces, but trying to get anything accomplished is next to impossible. She's got to get over this!!! And I've got to figure out how to get her to take a bottle! We'll be working on that one all week. She'll be at Grandma's all day Saturday, so she's gonna need to drink.

Anyway - here is this week's digi project. These are pictures that my sister-in-law had taken of her daughter ( our niece) Lia. As Will puts it - "she's the cutest ever"! , he says that about Aubrie too..... But Lia is a doll. And it was so much fun to put together a girly page. This one was super quick. Just grabbed the background paper, placed my pics, added some ribbon (which was great to be able to stretch quite a bit wider than what it actually comes), threw on some flowers. Done. Seriously. That easy.

That's it folks, I gotta keep moving!

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