Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Here they are....the 2010 Christmas Cards!

drumroll please!!! Here they are folks - your first set of options for Round 1 of the 2010 Christmas Card Stamp-A-Stack! Round 2 will be announced in the next few days, and do not fear, it WILL include a photo card, and possibly a gift bag or two. Please keep your blogging channel tuned into Stamped Silly for further details! Many of you may not be familiar with my Christmas Card Stamp-A-Stack, so let me fill you in briefly.

During the holiday season, it can be a treat to get the mail. Tossed in among the bills and catalogs and such is fun mail - cards and greetings from friends and loved ones that we may not have heard from in a while. They come in different sizes, shapes. Some are elegant, some are simple, some sparkly, some comical. You may even get some that are handmade. Those are the ones that you will turn over, admire, turn over some more. And you realize that someone took some time to make this card. They are the ones that are cherished. Don't you want to be the one to give someone a work of art and bless their day? You can, and in a stress free way!

Here's the nitty gritty: You pick a card from below. I will cut and score 10 of that card for you. You stamp and assemble, then admire your work! In the allotted time, you should be able to create 2 "stacks" without a problem. So, feel free to choose 2 cards if you can't decide! All supplies are included - just bring yourself and the adhesive of your choice!

When: Saturday, November 6th; 8 am
Where: Denison Municipal Utilities Bldg.
Fee: $20/stack

Option 1: Sparkly Snowflake Greeting

Option 2: Snowflake Peace on Earth:

Option 3: Musical Greetings

Option 4: Sparkled Wreath


Option 5: Ornament Happy Holidays

Option 6: Embossed Snowflakes

Once you have your decisions made, just send me an email to let me know which ones you are making and I'll get to cutting! We always have a blast - come and join us!!!!

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