Monday, October 11, 2010

My Digital Monday!

Howdy Folks! It's My Digital Monday - and I want you to know, I quickly created these 2 pages this morning with pics that I took yesterday on our outing. I had to wait for Aubrie to lay down for her morning nap, so want you to know that creating digitally IS really quick and easy! If I wasn't in such a hurry to get these pages uploaded to the ol' bloggy, I would have photoshopped them so you could see them side by side. (hence the lone 'n' on the second page - when you put the pages together, it would say "Orchard Fun" across the bottom!) Just imagine in your head that they are side-by side! The simplicity here is that I used pages that are already designed as far as the sketch is concerned. I did add the pic of Aubrie that is laid on top of the other pics. I also added all of the elements, stamped images (leaves and title) and paper options. All I started with was a blank page, that showed me where to put my photos. Then I duplicated that page and flipped it, to have symmetrical pages. I'm that kinda person - I like things in order - just don't look at my craft room! It's the exception! Anyway - these two pages probably took me a whopping 30 minutes to create. And one thing I love about this program, I can flip my photos. You know the age old rule that the people in your photos should be pointing toward the center of your album - ie: one the right hand page, subjects should be facing left. Well, with this program, it's a click of a button to flip your photo to accomodate that rule! I love that! Cropping is easy, adding elements is easy.
My deal for you today (since it's my birthday week!), if you order My Digital Studio, I will send you a package of buttons of your choice! Can you say hybrid pages??? (Hybrid pages are digital pages that you print, then add actual embellishments to)
For those of you that took advantage of my 10 for 10 deal yesterday - thank you! I am mailing out your $10 gift certificates today - watch for those in the mail!
Get your My Digital Studio ordered today! Contact me to do so!

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