Friday, October 30, 2009

Twick or Tweet

I know you guys are all ready to see some new things on here. I've been super busy creating Halloween costumes, Halloween treats, taking care of a sick kid, blah, blah, blah!!! So, here's something new for you to see.....

These are the treats that Will took to his preschool class for their Halloween party. I "stole" this idea out of the Stampin' Success magazine that Stampin' Up! Demonstrators get every month. And while I only needed to make 10 of them, I wanted something easy this year. These definately fit the bill. They are simply cardstock and ribbon. The ribbon and lots of adhesive hold the pixie sticks and pencils to the paper. Easy, easy peasy!

I will post pictures of the Halloween costumes tomorrow. I have to say - Will wanted to be a cowboy really bad - and I saw a picture of a Cowboy costume in a catalog - but it was $50!!! So, without a pattern, I looked at the photo and came up with my own cowboy costumes for both boys. Once Will got his cowboy hat, Alex also had to have one. SO, instead of the Indian that I wanted him to be, he's just going to be "Bobby". Which is what he calls himself as soon as he puts on his cowboy hat. (We have a friend, Bobby, who always wears a cowboy hat, and he must have made quite the impression on Alex. Some of you know exactly who I'm talking about!) So, check me out tomorrow for my Halloween creations!

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Julie G said...

And why is it that Bobby seems to leave such an impression on boys?!?! Can't wait to see the pics of the costumes :D Joe, John and I made simplified versions of the bags we made in stamp camp for daycare and school-love your treats this year, will have to bookmark for next year!