Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beware of SNOW!

No, it's not snowing again in Iowa - but it is Iowa, I think it could happen again anyday now. It is snowing in my stamp room however! I saw this idea on another blog, and just had to give it a try. I love the snow effect of the glitter on the vellum, but the rest of the card needs some work. I wanted to try my watercolor crayons on dark colored cardstock (Not Quite Navy) just to see how it would work - you know, as opposed to stamping them on white and cutting them out. In the end, it might be just as easy to cut out the snowmen and adhere them to the card....always, always, lessons learned. And, as my good customer, Bonnie, would say - "just room for embellishments!"
Anyway, the overall look of the card is fine. The snowflakes were stamped using the Frost White Shimmer Paint, and I love that stuff. Next time I will cut the vellum, then stamp my snowmen, instead of the way I did it. I stamped the snowmen first, then cut my vellum......am I pointing out too many wrongs???? Maybe, but, if you want to duplicate this, I just want you to be informed!!!!

FYI - I DO love these cute little Snowbuddies. They are whimsical, and just so cute! And, I do just LOVE the snow drifts out of vellum....Stamp Clubbers - look for this in you near future - of course with some improvements!
Okay - that is for today....it's Mom's night at Preschool tonight - so Will and I have a hot little date!!
See you tomorrow!

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Julie G said...

love the drifts (they can be on paper only, btw, not looking forward to the real thing!)