Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Hope you all have a spooky fun day! Halloween is one of my favorites - it's just all about good fun, and the kids love it. Wanted to show you the treat bags that I made for my neice, nephew and sisters....

These were super simple - just a brown lunch bag covered front and back with paper and punched a couple of handles in them. In fact, there is absolutely no stamping whatsoever on these. I used rub-ons for the images - they coordinate well with the paper I thought.

It was a good quick project, and I could cram a lot of candy in the bag too!
I told you that I would post a couple of photos of my boys in their costumes:
This was my cowboy creation. I didn't have a pattern to go off of - so I just decided to wing it. I patted myself on the back a whole bunch. I think they turned out really cute, and I think the boys really liked them. Will commented to me that I was doing a nice job. I put a big red star on the back of Will's vest, and Alex had some additional "fringe" on the back of his.

Here they were shoving their mouths full of gummy snacks. Alex (on right) likes to put as much in his mouth as he can and try to chew it all up. He could have been a cowboy!

And last photo - with their Aunt Mallory as Peter Pan....too cute!

Have a fun and safe Halloween!


Cyndi G said...

Absolutely adorable. Your endless creativity is amazing ... could you share just a little ... please!

Julie G said...

Oh my goodness! The boys are so cute...and I love the bag...I'm gonna scrap lift it and turn it into a Christmas bag for school!!!
you are just so stinkin creative (and Mallory is cute too!)