Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Wish....

Howdy's been a long time. And frankly, it's been a long week! I had 2 Stamp Clubs - which really were the highlight of the week. Some of those girls really can crack me up - you know who you are!!! Then, I taught Religious Ed, which is a new experience for me. Along with another parishioner, we had 5 - 3 and 4 graders. And honestly, it took both of us just to keep them involved and somewhat calm. I went in there thinking that 3 and 4 graders would be easy to handle.....yeah. right. Then, today, I did a vendor fair in a little bitty town nearby. I came home to mounds of hail piled up here and there. And 5 hours later, we still have hail on the ground. Don't worry peeps, I'll be posting some pics for you to see. It was crazy! And it's a cold one here in Iowa. Forty six degrees. Hello Mother Nature! It is, um, September!!! That is too cold. I even got out my favorite attire for the day - black turtleneck sweater! Oh, how I missed you!!!!
What's that? Oh, you wanna hear about today's card? Oh, well, why didn't you say so? It's kind of a card that was born on oops'. I sewed the little ruffly on there, but I didn't cut enough fabric to make it all the way across, and I didn't want to butt two I went with it. Doesn't that fabric go great with a birthday theme??? It might be "Christmas" fabric, but it's not by any means! And check out the pic below.....that frosting - yah - on the cupcakes.....that is colored using the new Smooch in the big catty. It's sparkly, and the nail polish brush is stiff, making it really easy to control where the smooch goes....a little smooch here, a little there....isn't it super shiny? Even thru your computer screen, I think you should be able to see it's shining glory! Better getcha some.

Okey doke - that's all for now....Aubrie is waking up from her slumber, so I must go attend to her highness....!!!!

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