Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Decor Days....

So, in your mini catalogs, you might have seen something similare to this...I loved it, and wanted to recreate it....so. I. did. It's the Halloween Decor Elements. I put it right on the glass of the frame. I used different paper, and stamped some images on there for spooky interest. I wasn't very happy with the stamping results - it just didn't seem to POP. Hmmm, what to do? Well, let's add some white gel pen to the owl eyes and some of the windows in the house. Yah - that helped a bit. But how can I make that moon stand out a bit more? I made a mask of the moon, and dabbed some Rich Razz over the top to darken around the house, leaving the moon the color of the paper. That's better.
There - see how that moon stands out a little more. That's more like it. I could have added more R. Razz ink, but I didn't want to lose the stamped image either. There are so many images that come on your decor elements sheet, that I've got a project to show you tomorrow too! It really makes for quick, easy decorating. I don't decorate a lot for Halloween - more so for Fall. So, it's nice to be able to add a few tasteful pieces to my mix.
My owl kinda gets lost over there, but that just adds to the eerieness - right? And it's really hard to tell, but there is a bit of lace under that tree. It's covering up a goof...... :)
Now, remember the other day I told you that we had a lot of hail? The following pics were taken almost FIVE HOURS after it actually hailed! FIVE HOURS! That's a long time for hail to stick around!

That hail completely striped some of my plants, and the leaves in the trees were damaged too. What a mess.

This is a strip of hail that came off of the "lower garage". It slid off the roof into a perfect strip, and there were still traces of this at 7 pm - which was 6 1/2 hours after said hail storm!

Look at all of the poor leaves it stripped out of the trees! :(

And here was a pile by our garage door....My hubby had sent me a pic on my phone because I was gone. I seriously thought it had snowed - that's what it looked like on my phone. He actually said he would have preferred snow - the hail did quite a bit of damage to our soybean field that's here at our house.
Alright - I need to get back to the coolest project of the week. Possibly of the month. Maybe the year! I'm loving it!
See ya!

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